Aerial Filming in Yorkshire Dales New Year 2014/2015

Aerial filming takes us to extraordinary locations, usually during the best hours of the day, to capture stunning aerial images of land and seascapes, action shots and scenery, landmark venues and sporting events. We get to see it all and in ALL its splendour.
This year’s winter weather has been kind and the lack of freezing winds has made winter filming an absolute joy. So to make hay while the sun shines, we decided to head out to the Yorkshire Dales.
The Dales are one of the UK’s most defining landscapes – rolling Dales (vast, never-ending valleys), snow capped hills (fells) and fast flowing rivers. No surprise then that the Tour de France spent two days criss-crossing the Yorkshire Dales in 2014.
Dotted throughout the Yorkshire Dales 680 square miles are towns, villages and hamlets, each with its own charm and character. Some lost in time, others’ bang up to date with superb eateries and lodgings – including 5* hotels, craft shops and artisan food producers.
We (Aerial Picture Company) came to capture the stunning scenery and we were hopeful the weather Gods would be kind and, they didn’t disappoint.
As dawn opened 2015 on 1st January, the blanket cover of cloud revealed piercing solar bursts as the sun began its rise. The effect was mesmerising and the snow covered landscape reflected the sun’s rays and illuminated Malham Dale in splendid light.
A local farmer, Andy, was on hand to provide narrative to our short film. When many in the UK were probably still in bed, recovering from the night’s excesses, Andy was out feeding the sheep, high above the Yorkshire Dales.
We hope you enjoy our short film.


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