Aerial Surveys and Inspections

A safe, time-saving and cost-efficient alternative to conventional survey methods.

Aerial surveys and inspections are cost-effective, time-saving and quite often the safest way to survey sites – be that a wind farm, historical building, construction site, chimney at height, land or roof inspections at all angles.

In difficult to access and unsafe spaces, aerial drones can avoid the need for cumbersome and costly safety equipment, cherry pickers and indeed risk.

Our specially adapted survey aircraft relay live, high definition imagines back to the ground station. Images can be recorded and immediately reviewed whilst the aircraft is still airborne.

Aerial Picture Company Pilots have vast experience with site inspections and surveys across a range of industries and specialties.

  • Chimney Stacks & Vents
  • Insurance Analysis and Inspection
  • Project Planning
  • Developments
  • Land Surveys
  • Bridges
  • Historical Structures