City Fields

Drone Technology and 3D Graphics Transform Wakefield City Fields Development Film

The Wakefield City Fields Development is an expansive project, set to bring 2,500 new homes and multiple facilities to West Yorkshire. To encapsively showcase the ongoing project and its future outcome, Aerial Picture Company was enlisted to create a corporate film.

The team used drone technology, capturing high-resolution, aerial footage of the vast development site from different angles. This unique perspective underscored the scale of the project far better than traditional ground-level filming could.

The film also incorporated 3D motion graphics, bridging the gap between the current development and the future vision of the completed project. The graphics offered a glimpse of the planned structures and green spaces, creating a seamless blend between actual footage and future projection.

In this project, Aerial Picture Company highlighted the potential of combining drone technology and 3D graphics in corporate filmmaking. The resulting film provided a comprehensive, clear, and engaging visualisation of the Wakefield City Fields Development project.

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