Have a project coming up?

If you require aerial filming or photography services, we first need to know the following from you…

We’ve made it straightforward, just answer our ‘three W’s’:

What’s the action to be filmed? For example a scene on a TV set, coastal, city or landscape GVs or even a sporting event etc. etc.

Where’s the shoot? If you know the exact location this will help us greatly. A postcode is perfect and lets us quickly assess the suitability of safe and legal aerial filming. Sometimes the location isn’t yet fixed, no problem, an area or town will get us started.

When is your shoot? After many years working in TV, we know a ‘concept or idea’ can often come way before a proposed shoot date let alone a schedule. We also understand too that dates can and do shift and we will always go that extra mile to fulfil your request.

In some cases, customers can identify the week of a month with an agreement to confirm the exact date nearer the time.

Once we’re happy everything is achievable and legal, we can provide you with an accurate quote and begin the booking process.