Johnnie Walker

”From Scotland to the World” is a film that explores the journey of Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky, written and directed by Cy Chadwick. We are taken on an immersive tour across the diverse landscapes of Scotland where the ingredients are sourced and the whisky is produced. From the malting of the barley to the complex distillation process in copper stills, and the careful aging in wooden casks, the film captures each stage of production in striking detail.

The film not only showcases the natural beauty of Scotland but also the dedication of the skilled craftsmen and women who ensure the quality and character of the whisky. The narrative seamlessly weaves in the human stories behind the brand, making the process feel deeply personal and relatable.

Transitioning from Scotland’s rural charm to the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, the film also highlights the global reach and appreciation of Johnnie Walker. This juxtaposition underscores the universal appeal of the brand and its resonance with diverse cultures.

While “From Scotland to the World” pays homage to the two centuries of heritage and craftsmanship of Johnnie Walker, it also emphasizes the brand’s ongoing relevance and prominence in today’s globalized world. It is an insightful film that skillfully combines a brand’s history with its contemporary influence.

The film was produced with Atypical with aerial filming from Aerial Picture Company.

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