Each aircraft package includes our specialist 2 person crew – pilot & camera operator.

Full flying system including cameras (Quad and Hexacopter packages), media and power, HD monitoring with instant playback. 4×4 tech vehicle with multiple aircraft and full flight support, Macbook Pro and media back up devices. We even have Wifi (coverage dependant) and a kettle.

We take a sensible approach to travel days (should they be necessary). Much depends on the location and where we will be travelling from (i.e. the previous job). We will always do our best to reduce travel charges or schedule to avoid incurring.

Mileage is 0.50ppm but the first 50 are on us! Crew per diems may be charged with prior agreement.

We do not restrict the number of flights and carry £10 million insurance (including over water flights with no insurance surcharge).

At Aerial Picture Company we operate an easy to understand pricing policy that makes aerial filming and photography straightforward for you. We’ll never hit you with surprise extras.

Every shoot is unique and therefore we quote specifically for each individual job. Many factors inform our quotation, from the aircraft flown, the camera, to the operating environment and the complexity at the location. The majority of our jobs are completed with our standard 2 person crew in our 4×4 all-terrain tech vehicle.

Aerial Picture Company will always aim to be competitive on pricing whilst ensuring the highest level of safety, technical equipment and professionalism.




8 motors, GPS stabilised. Adaptable heavy-lift platform with Gremsy H16 or Ronin gimbal options. Capable of carrying Alexa Mini, Red and Blackmagic Ursa Mini or smaller DSLR’s. 1 in fleet.



6 motors, GPS stabilised, quick set-up, fitted with DJI X5r camera for stunning RAW or ProRes HD & 4K images. Ideal for shooting aerials across all genres, from drama to factual. 2 in our fleet.



4 motors, GPS stabilised, quick set-up, HD and 4K. Ideal for shooting aerials across all genres, from drama to factual. X5s camera shooting ProRes and RAW. 3 in our fleet.