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At Aerial Picture Company, we operate from the heart of Yorkshire – with its beautifully dynamic but uncompromising landscape, we need the best wheels suitable for all locations. Utilising our robust 4×4 all-terrain tech vehicle, kitted out with high-capacity charging, we can transport our drones to the county’s toughest-to-reach places and be power-independent as long as is required.

Large, fast-charging solar panels help maintain our operations even in cloudy conditions, ensuring we’re always ready to capture that perfect shot – day or night and again the next day! Plus, we have enough power to whip up espresso or a cup of Yorkshire Tea, gratis.

Traverse various terrains, we always encounter hidden corners of Yorkshire that add a fresh perspective to our work. We’re not just capturing stunning aerial footage; we’re telling the story of Yorkshire’s distinct beauty, a narrative enriched by the unique vantage points our 4x4s allow us to access.

The dynamic weather of Yorkshire provides a compelling backdrop to our footage, and our 4x4s, designed to handle all conditions, ensure we’re always equipped to film. Rain or shine, we’re ready.

We aim to present Yorkshire from a new lens, and our 4x4s enable us to do so by offering flexibility with our drone launch points. The result is a rich, captivating visual narrative that brings Yorkshire’s landscapes to life in novel ways.

Despite operating in remote locations where mobile signals can be unreliable, we’re never truly isolated. Each vehicle is equipped with a satellite phone, providing a lifeline when necessary and offering extra reassurance to our team.

Our 4x4s are more than vehicles; they’re our mobile base of operations, instrumental in uncovering and sharing the compelling stories of Yorkshire. With them, we’re able to journey deeper into Yorkshire’s (and the wider UK’s) captivating landscapes, and we look forward to continuing this exploration.


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